Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui

Ingoa: Te Whāriki Tautoko Te Tau Ihu ō te Waka a Maui –given that the South Island is the Waka of “Maui the fisherman” Te Tau Ihu is the prow or the waka. The rohe covers from Kahurangi point north of Kawatiri (Buller) on the Westcoast to White cliffs on the east Coast and south to Murchison. This is quite a large rural community and is the Kainga to 8 Iwi and meets the boundaries of Kaitahu on the east Coast and Kati Waewae and Ngāti Māhaki on the Westcoast.

Te Tau Ihu was formed in 2003 and joined the at a hui in Te Kuiti Marae. Since then we have held the National hui and one of our marae -Whakatū Marae in nelson became the first member organisation and using our accreditation process for organisations.

Iwi te Tau Ihu

Ngāti Toa Rangatira

Te Ātiawa o Te Waka-a-Māui

Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō

Rangitāne o Wairau

Ngāti Kuia

Ngāti Rārua

Ngāti Kōata

Ngāti Tama ki Te Tau Ihu


Te Tau Ihu has a small membership and is supported by a unique roopū of dedicated Whaea, Koro and members

Na Mihi te whānau Naumai haere mai ki Te Whāriki Tautoko Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Māui

Jane DuFeu Trevor Wilson

Chairperson Secretary

Contact; jane.dufeu@clear.net.nz Trevor@tutoko.org.nz

Whakatuu Marae - Another Implementation of Whanau Tautoko

Whakatuu Marae - 2st Implementation of Whanau Tautoko

Services through Te Whariki Tautoko Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui


Tuatahi: Te Whānau Tautoko (Supervision)

Te Whāriki Tautoko has developed a Māori model of supervision based on Tikanga Māori and stepped in Tikanga Tawhito. It is primarily designed for delivery in a Kaupapa Māori setting like Māori provider or Marae. It is very important that you have whakapapa unknown or otherwise. Te Whāriki Tautoko is very aware this kaupapa is not for everyone. It is very reliant on being linked implicitly to Iwi hapū and whānau -it has to be a given, not up for negotiation.


Rohe ki te tau Ihu will provide Te Whanau Tautoko as arranged on an individual bases or as a roopū up to 10 whānau


Rohe ki te tau Ihu will provide training for Kaimahi and whānau in the use of Te Whānau Tautoko and the introduction to Te Whāriki Tautoko Inc.

Fee Structure:

Whānau Tautoko:

One Whānau: $100.00 per session – not necessarily an hour- negotiated

Up to 3 whānau $150.00 per session – not necessarily an hour – negotiated

3 – 6 whānau $200.00 per session – not necessarily an hour – negotiated

Over 6 negotiated cost and time

All travel must be reimbursed if more than 5 km @ .77 per km

All fees will be invoiced and paid to Rohe not individual Kaimahi

Any training in regards to working with Māori Ie;

  • (i)The Living Treaty
  • (ii)Cultural Safety
  • (iii)Cultural Acquisition

Costs and times by request: